Missed us? We totally did!

It has been a while since our latest #VectorlyUpdate. BUT! We brought some awesome news on the features and design updates in Vectorly.

So grab some popcorn 🍿 and let’s dive into the details!👇

In the latest 11 week's release:

  • List of people to review on your HOME PAGE

  • Brand new REVIEWS & SURVEYS page

  • Upgraded REPORTS for faster & easier reviews

👨🏽👩🏻 List of people to review on your HOME PAGE

There is no need to surf through the pages to check if someone needs your review. Now the list of reviewers appears on your HOME page. So you won’t miss or delay the review process.

Click & start the assessment right from the start page.

👨🏻‍💻 🔍 Brand new REVIEWS & SURVEYS page

Keep your finger on the pulse with the new feature in Vectorly which allows you to monitor the progress of ongoing reviews and the current status of your team.

Go to ALL REVIEWS tab on the updated REVIEWS & SURVEYS page 👉 Get the latest updates on the team’s reviews.

📊 ✅ Upgraded REPORTS for faster & easier reviews

Review REPORTS got a new upgrade and now it’s much easier to have it all together. Here are the new features:

⭐️ Automated REMINDERS

Choose reviewers who you want to notify about the ongoing review & hit the SEND A REMINDER button.

So there is no more need to send them individual follow-ups asking to write an assessment.

⭐️ REPORT CHANGE HISTORY is available.

Get more insights on the calibration of assessments.

Before: A reviewer could only re-write the assessment made by someone else.

Now: You can see the history of all edits made, as well as how the assessment was updated by different reviewers.

⭐️ Updated VIEW OPTIONS on the REPORTS page.

Now you can get more info on review reports and see:

  • Calibrated skills

  • Skills descriptions

Vectorly team's working to make the work of your team easy & super productive.

So, stay tuned and follow our #VectorlyUpdate on Twitter or visit Product Update section on our site to get info on the new features!

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