Introducing: New TESTS feature

Vectorly's released a brand new feature to help you make better decisions and drive meaningful changes! Hold various tests & surveys with your teammates and make them feel heard.

There are lots of options how to use Vectorly's tests:

  • Evaluate motivation of the team members

  • Find insights on employees' engagement

  • Collect feedback to understand your team better

  • Hold a quick check of the skills

  • Test possible candidates for a position

  • And whatever test you have in mind!

The only limit is your imagination, as you can easily customize Vectorly's tests depending on your needs.

Wanna find out how it works? Keep scrolling 👇

There is no need to wait weeks to get insights about your employees' progress, collect feedback or implement new tools. Just hold easy & fast test and take the most effective action.

How? 👉 Go to the Review section and choose the purpose of your test: Motivation, Grow, Promotion, or Hiring...

... and pick the type of a question(s).

Fill in the the fields with a question and answers for your test.

Voilà! Your test's ready. Now you can invite your teammates to take the test and get the info you need. 👩🏻 🧔🏽

Increase engagement with deeper understanding of your employees!

Start your first test with Vectorly

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