Go to "Reviews" section. Make sure you're on a relevant skillboard.

Press "Start review" button.

A window with review settings appears.

How to start a review?

For a quick start, choose participants in the list "who will be reviewed?". The skills of these people will be evaluated.

By default, "Self-review" option is active. It means people on the list will perform self-assessment.

Then choose a list of reviewers. These people will assess members from the previous list. If you want to perform a self-review, there is no need to choose reviewers.

Review name and description

Members of the team will see the name of a review. You can use it to find completed reviews on a skillboard.

If you don't create your own name for a review, it will be automatically named by the current date. For example, "November 2021".

Team mates will also see a description of a review. It will also be sent as a notification when the review starts.


You can set privacy options for every review.

Privacy options are set for:

  • Members (reviewees)

  • Reviewers

  • Guest reviewers


For "Members" you can set privacy options on:

  • Results for all team members

  • Results of their review

For "Reviewers" and "Guest reviewers". you can set privacy options on::

  • Results for all team members

  • Results of members reviewed by them


You can make the results anonymous for specific groups. Anonymity depersonalizes the ratings of reviewers. Names "Reviewer 1", etc. will be displayed instead.

How to choose reviewees?

To choose review members, put a checkmark in front of people in the list "Who will be reviewed?"

The list contains employees added to the skillboard.

If a person's missing from the list, you can add them to the review by clicking "Invite".

You'll see a new window. You can invite a member via email or from the team.


You you want to filter the members' list, click on "Filters".

You can filter people by:

  • Permittions (Editor, Member, Reviewer)

  • Positions

  • Teams

  • Roles

Use filter and look at the updated list.

You can choose several filters.

Edit filter settings

To edit filter settings, click on it and make changes.

Reset filter

Click on "Reset filter" button.

How to activate the self-review option?

To enable members to hold self-review, use this slider.

How to choose reviewers?

By default, the list of reviewers is empty. Check the boxes and choose people to perform a review.

You'll see 2 buttons appear near the name of a reviewer:

  • All skill groups

  • All members

Click on these buttons to select which skill groups and members each reviewer will evaluate. By default, a reviewer evaluates all participants and all skill groups.

Guest reviewers

How are guest reviewers?

Guest reviewers are participants of a review who are not included in the skillboard, but can review a member on this skillboard.

It's a common practice when a part of a team joins Vectorly. For example, a team of 30 developers started using Vectorly. These developers are also a part of their product teams. Their team leads would like to know how designers, analysts, and product managers assess their skills.

To do this, you can invite a product manager to join the review and assess a developer's Personal Productivity skills. Guest reviewers can only write reviews.

You can invite guest reviewers for free

How to invite guest reviewers?

Press "Invite" button below the list of reviewers.

And choose "Guest reviewer (free)"

You'll see a new window where you can invite a guest reviewer via email. Enter the email address and click "Invite". Or add this person from your company to the review.

A guest reviewer will appear in the list of reviewers.

By default, guest reviewers assess all members and all skill groups.

To remove specific skill groups, click on "All skill groups" and choose them.

To review specific members, click on "All members" and choose them.

How to add questions to a review?

You can add questions to a review to get feedback from employees.

Press "+" to add your question.

Type the question in this field.

You can choose a person who you want to answer this question:

  • All members

  • Reviewers

  • Self-reviewers

The "Required question" slider is inactive by default. Click on it to make the question required. If team members give no answer, they will get a notification about this question.

After you're finished, press "Start review".

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