Today’s #VectorlyUpdate brings the new features to help you:

  • 🔍 Monitor progress toward the desired position

  • 🔗 Create tasks linked to the goals

  • 🤓 Invite new users via email, link, or other tools you use

  • 📈 Get skill level change insights right during a meeting

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🔍 New Growth Plan Features

Vectorly’s Growth Plan got upgraded as the new sections were added! And now you can monitor the skills level, feedbacks from teammates, as well as the progress toward the desired position.

#1. Find Skill Set tab 👉 to see the current skills level.

#2. Position tab 👉 to get info on the requirements the desired position & the progress.

#3. Feedbacks tab 👉 to see how teammates assess your skills.

🔗 Upgraded Tasks

  • Boost your team's effectiveness

  • Make them more goal-oriented

👉 by setting the tasks connected to a specific goal.

Go to the Home page >> Find Tasks tab on the To-do’s field >> Tap Create Task >> Put a link to the goal for your task.

🤓 Upgraded Users Invitations

We added options to invite new users to your workspace:

💌 via email

🔗 link

🛠 other tool you use

Choose which one you like more💛

You can also leave a welcome message for new users, as well as schedule the invitation for a specific date.

📈 New Vapp: Skill Level Change

Today’s update also brings the new Vapp which allows you to check the progress of your teammates in developing their skills. AND you got the agenda for your meeting on professional development prepared! Just add the data to your agenda.

Go to Meetings section >> Choose Add Vapp >> Find Skill Level Change Vapp.

Vectorly will make up a comparison table showing how the skills changed during a specific period of time, so you can discuss the progress.

Try new Vectorly’s features right now!

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