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It’s #VectorlyUpdate and today we’re introducing:

  • Navigation 2.0

  • Upgraded Goals & OKRs section

  • Scheduled invites to your workspace

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Let’s go!

Navigation 2.0

Vectorly’s navigation got upgraded with a new user-friendly design!

So, what’s new? 👀

#1. Now, choose skillboard in the upper right corner of the Review and Analytics sections (it moved from the navigation’s dropdown menu).

#2. Meet the new favorites section!

Add goals, tasks, and meetings to favorites so you will get fast access to the most important pages in your workspace.

#3. And in case you lost account settings - now it’s on the profile page (find the Settings tab).

Upgraded Goals & OKRs

Here are some updates in the section👇

#1. Completion criteria for the goals were added.

How do you understand the goal has been successfully accomplished? You set completion criteria! And we got it covered for you!

Set completion criteria for the goals - business goal, career development, or a focus skill - and Vectorly will notify you when a teammate accomplishes it!

#2. Tasks integrated with Jira, Asana.

Set tasks as you discuss them with your teammates in Vectorly and they will be automatically sent to Jira or Asana.

#3. Choose how you want to visualize the goals and track the progress of your team.

#4. 40+ templates for development and business goals are now available in Vectorly!

Wanna try new Vectorly’s OKR templates?

Scheduled invites to your workspace

Not all your teammates got their skill assessment? No problem!

You can easily add new users to your fully set up workspace with new scheduled invites. 👉Choose when you want to invite a person and we’ll notify them when their skills will be evaluated.

Try new Vectorly’s features right now!

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