Feedback is a quick way to give or request feedback on your work without waiting for a performance review.

Feedback is not tied to reviews, so you can request or receive an assessment of your skills, development plans, OKR, or tasks at any time.

Where to find feedbacks

The feedback you have received or sent to colleagues is stored in the Inbox tab on the Home page. Here you can filter notifications, so that only feedback can be displayed on the page.

Feedback requests can also be found in the Home tab → To-so's list.

Click on the feedback title to see it in full.

In the upper left corner, you can like the feedback ❤

If you are the author of the current feedback, by clicking on the three dots icon, you can edit the feedback or delete it.

Below you can leave a comment. You can make it private - the receiver/sender will not see it.

How to add feedback to the meeting agenda

Open or create a new meeting (How to create a meeting in Vectorly?)

On Quick Actions tab choose "Add Vapp".

In the window that appears, find Vapp "Discuss feedback". Click "Add to agenda".

In the next window, select the date for which we will collect feedback and the status (type) of feedback: positive, neutral or negative. There can be only one type of feedback in one topic of discussion.

Here you can add questions: your own or from the Question library.

Click "Save" at the button of the form. A new topic will appear in the meeting with filter-selected feedback received by the guest of the meeting. Click on the feedback text to see it in full.

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