Go to the 'Review' module. And press on 'Start review' button.

Tests are conducted exclusively as part of a review. To create a test, set up the review settings and click on 'Add test' button.

In the opened window, you can see the list of all ready-to-use templates for tests/surveys. Templates are arranged by special topics, so the search for templates is faster. In a previous article we wrote where you can see a complete list of templates (See 'What is Test?')

To create your own template, press the 'Create new template' button.

Now let's see how to create a template. In the opened window, specify the type of test, enter its name, define other settings, and click 'Create template'.

In a new tab, there is a test template. Here you can add the questions. However, before that, check if the section settings suit your needs. To do that, go the the settings section by clicking on 'Edit section'.

Choose one from all types of the section.

  • Survey

  • Boolean scale

  • Multiple scale

  • Scored quiz

Let's suppose, you need to conduct Employee Satisfaction survey. To complete it, let's choose the 'Survey' type. Then, click on 'Save'.

Next, click on 'Add question'.

Select the desired question type. There are a total of 4 question types:

  • Text (Paragraph)

  • Single select

  • Multiple select

  • Scale

In the case of this question, let's pick Single select question.

Next, enter the question in the box. You also need to add answer choices for each question. Depending on the question, you may want to make it required. Use 'Required question' option in the bottom side of the question window to do so.

Once you're done with the question, click 'Save'.

Repeat this action with the remaining questions. If you want to add other sections to the test/survey, use the "Quick Actions" feature and add a section.

The template is automatically saved in the system. Now you can add it when you create a review. Once you add a test to the review, it appears in the 'Tests & Surveys' section. Start review to start the process.

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