After creating a review, you may want to adjust the privacy options. Using it, you can adjust the visibility of the review at all its stages.

In order to go to the privacy options, open the Start Review page

Or open the Edit Review page.

On the Start/Edit Review page go to the bottom of the page, to the Privacy Options module. Click on the arrow icon for a full display of the options.

Here you can see 3 privacy configurations that are available for you:

  • For reviewers

  • For guest reviewers

  • For members

Based on these configurations, you can adjust the Privacy Options for different reviewers.

Click on "Manage" to go to the options menu.

Inside the menu, you can adjust Privacy Options according to the configurations we mentioned earlier in this article. Use checkboxes to manage the privacy. For example, you can allow guest reviewers to view reviewers' scores on other team members.

You can also add personalized settings for individual reviewers & team members. To do that click on plus sign and choose a team member.

By clicking on "Anonymously" button you can hide reviewers & team members' names. So, the user still has an opportunity to look for review's scores, but cannot see participants' names.

Click the "Save" button to confirm the changes.

Next, check the Privacy Options in Start/Edit Review menu and click "Save".

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