Knock -knock, it's a fresh Vectorly release. And here are the new features that will make the work of your team easier👇

  • Review Permissions 2.0

  • Async meetings

Let's dive into details!

🔍 👀 Review Permissions 2.0

Depending on the size of a company and corporate culture, people may want to make review results visible to specific team members only.

That's why we upgraded the privacy settings for review permissions and made them flexible.

👉 Click MANAGE PERMISSIONS when starting a review and choose the necessary options.

🙁 BEFORE: Our users had to make requests to change privacy settings for their reviews.

🙂 NOW: You can do it in a minute & customize review permissions for every member of your team.

Just pick a person from the list and set personal review permissions for him/her.

💻 ⏰ Async meetings with Loom quick videos

A meeting's upcoming but you can't make it? 😬 Don't cancel the meeting 👉 Send a quick Loom video!

Who will like this new feature?

  • Remote teams

  • Teams working in different time zones

  • Very busy teammates 🤓

How do async meetings work in Vectorly? Easy! Create an agenda & record a quick Loom video with your comments!

Want to try the new features? Go sign up to Vectorly!

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