🤩 Great news! Vectorly has released a new feature to make your team's work even more productive.

In this release: Quick feedback feature

  • Give feedback on tasks, development goals, and skills when YOU need it

  • Request feedback from your teammates ASAP

Sounds interesting, huh? Let's dive into details👇

WHAT'S NEW? From now, you don't have to wait for a planned review to give or get feedback on important tasks or skills ❌

👨🏻‍💻 🔍 Give feedback when YOU need it

The new FEEDBACK feature allows you to give urgent feedback. Just click on the button on the main page and give quick feedback on:

  • tasks,

  • OKRs,

  • development goals,

  • or even organize a quick skills review


Pick a person you want to give your feedback to, edit the privacy setting and label it. Voila!

Your feedback goes straight to your reviewee's inbox 🚀

👉 BONUS OPTION: Assess a specific skill (or a set of skills) with the Quick skills review feature right here, in the feedback section. Whenever you need it.

🔥 ⏰ Get feedback from your teammates ASAP

Need feedback from teammates ASAP? 🆘 No problem! Just click on the Request feedback tab & choose people whose opinion you need.

Your teammates will see your request and give you quick feedback ✅

Vectorly team's working to make the work of your team easy & super productive. So, stay tuned - new features are underway!

👇 DISCOVER new feedback feature and other best tools for engineering teams - get a call with the Vectorly team.

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