In 'Roles' section click on 'New Role'

Write down the name for new role.

Next, you need to assign access to the sections of the role. Originally, you have two sections must be accessed.

  • Skill matrices

  • Team

Access assign of other sections is up to you. Those sections are:

  • Positions

  • Reviews

  • Team analytics

  • User profile

  • My profile

  • Meetings

  • Growth goals

  • Settings

  • Billing

  • OKRs

  • Share

In addition to access assignment, you also can set limits on visibility & activity in the section.

The next step - assign access to the actions for the role. A total of 3 actions are given:

  • Add

  • Edit

  • Delete

In 4 different sections:

  • Team members

  • Teams

  • Roles

  • Skill matrices

You can also add a description to the role, if it's needed. When you're done adjusting settings for a new role, click the 'Create role'.

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