In the "Meetings" section, click on the "Templates" button.

Inside the "Templates" module, click on the "New Template" button.

In the template settings, enter the name and description of your future template.

Next, you need to select the type of meeting. It can be either a 1:1 meeting or a team meeting.

Select the type of discussion, there are 3 types in total:

  • Productivity

  • Promotion

  • Growth

Determine the editorial rights of the topic and agenda of the meeting.

Select the recommended duration for the meeting (optional).

You can also choose the visibility of the template for other employees. There are 4 visibility options:

  • Workspace - all members of your workspace can use this template

  • Team - only your team members can use the template

  • Skillboard - only members of selected cards can use the template

  • Private - only you can use this template

Your template is now complete. Next, you need to add a discussion topic and a Vapp plugin to help you moderate the conversation. (see 'How do I prepare for a meeting in Vectorly?').

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