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This is the main page of the Vectorly interface. Here you can schedule a meeting, start skill reviews, build development plans, and more.

There are 3 main sections on the main page:

  • Home - here you'll see notifications & activities

  • Insights - internal information on the activity of your team mates

  • Inbox - notifications about actions created (new skill matrix, meetings, OKR reviews, etc.)

Skill matrix section

Skill Matrix is one of the major sections on Vectorly site.

The Skill matrix section has 4 subsections:

  • Skills matrix - skills and knowledge base

  • Reviews (employees' reviews on a skill matrix)

  • Development Goals (developments plans on a skill matrix)

  • Team & Analytics (members of a skill matrix and requirements to positions)

At the top of the navigation, you can see the name of a skill matrix.

NB! When you change a skill matrix in navigation, the data in subsections' navigation is automatically changed as well. So, when you switch from the Product Designer to the Data Analyst skill matrix and go to the Review section, you land on the review of the corresponding skill matrix.

Profile & CV section

Profile & CV is the section where you can find info about yourself. Click on the section to see its subsections.

Profile & CV section has 4 subsections:

  • Profile - skill set, activity, and career (CV)

  • Growth Plan - OKRs, growth plans, active tasks from Jira, Asana as well as the tasks created during meetings

  • Reports - all review reports

  • Settings - profile changes

Other sections

All skill matrices section

Here you'll find all skill matrices of the company, members, and add skills from the Vectorly library and create your own.

OKRs section

In the OKRs section, you can find all active and completed OKRs of your company.

Meetings section

In the Meetings section, you can find all your meetings, as well as the team's notes and their meetings.

Settings & Billing section

Here you can

  • Add new members to your workspace

  • Edit access rights and roles

  • Group members by team and departments

  • Connect integrations

  • Edit name/logo of the company

  • Update subscription and billing information

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