Each team member has a profile, where you can see all information about the activity: Review progress, Skills, Development goals, OKRs, Tasks, etc.


You can switch to the "Profile" section, using the main navigation.

You can also access the profile subsections, using the main navigation.

  1. Growth plan - list of OKRs & Development goals

  2. Reports – list of all reports, based on results of the review

  3. Settings – customize profile.

Employee's profile

You can go to an employee's profile, first go to "Team & Analytics" on the skillboard.

Click on the employee's name to go to the "Profile" page.

Using the top navigation, you can switch to sections.

  1. Profile - to navigate to the Profile section.

  2. Growth Plan – list of all OKRs & Development Goals.

  3. Reports – list of all reports, based on the skill's review results.

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