What is an OKR check-in?

Check-in is status update on OKRs. You can meet with the team responsible for OKR and set these updates.

How to make an OKR check-in?

Go to OKR section.

Find an OKR you want to update.

Select the edit icon.

In the context menu click on "Update OKR".

You can also update the status by clicking on check-in button.

Update the objective's status.

  • Not started

  • On track

  • Need help

  • Off track

You also can update Key Result

Set the new value.

Update status.

Write a comment on the check-in, and note why the value or status of OKR was changed.

Click "Save"

You can also update Objectives without going to the OKRs section, but on the Home page. Find your Objectives in "To-do's" tab and click on it.

Here you can update the status and progress of the objective.

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