Go to "Development goals" section on the skillboard.

Move to development plan creation page. We talked through the process in previous article (see "How to create Development goal for team member?").

On the creation page click on "Add skills".

In the Add Skills window click on "Show skills required for position" checkbox.

The position your employee is currently in is selected by default, but you can select a different position.

There is a filter to the right of the position. Using it, you can filter skills by:

  • Only incompleted (selected by default)

  • Show all skills

Only incompleted (selected by default)

Shows the skills that the employee lacks according to the results of the review to match with the next position.

For example, you reviewed a Middle Developer and if you activate this filter, you can see only the skills he or she lacks to match the position.

Show all skills

Shows all the skills that are needed for the position.

For example, an Intern comes to you for a Developer position and you can select all the skills he needs to match the Junior role.

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