On the "Report" page of a specific member you can see reviews performed both by colleagues and him/herself.

"Review report" page

You can find reviewers' reports in separate columns:

The column displays a list of grades for each skill. For convenience, you can use "View options" and see only skills with differing rates. Or skills above a certain level, etc.

"Skills insights" tab

Go to "Skill insights" tab.

This tab displays employee's skills as a radar chart. Hover your cursor over one of the "petals" to see the average skill score.

The average skill rating is made up of reviews by other participants.

Each petal is a skill group assessed on a skillboard.

Click on "Skill group" to view information on skills within the group.

You can also see how the skills of an employee match the requirements of his/her position.

Read more about how to assign an employee a position and set requirements here: Career vectors & positions.

You can also see the skills an employee lacks to fully match the position.

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