The information architecture of review consists of 4 levels::

  • Level 1: Skill matrix

  • Level 2: Review

  • Level 3: Review of a member

  • Level 4: Review results

Level 1: Skill matrix

In Vectorly, you can hold a review on a specific skillboard.

This means a review on Product Designer skillboard and a review on Data Science skillboard have separate pages.

Level 2: Review

On a skillboard, you can find "Reviews" tab.

Here you can find a list of all reviews on the skillboard. A list of active reviews that are currently underway is displayed in a separate tab.

There is also "Completed reviews" tab.

Level 3: Review of a member

Inside Review, you can find reviews of employees.

Here you'll see the list of all members who have been reviewed in this review.

Level 4: Review results

Review results show how other team mates evaluated a member,

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