On every skillboard, you have the "Levels" tab. Skill levels are used to assess the skill of employees.

Levels on a skillboard

Skills are displayed on the left of the page (vertically), skill levels are displayed on the top (horizontally).

By default, every skillboard has 5 levels:

  • Noob

  • Beginner

  • Competent

  • Advanced

  • Master

You can also change the number of levels and their names.

More info on how to change levels on a skillboard here.

Skill level description

Find a description of a specific skill level in these fields. This description will be displayed after a review starts.

You can also make changes to the skill level descriptions.

  • Тumber the lists: type "1" and press "Space"

  • Make bullet-points: type "-" and press "Space"

  • Select the text and press CMD/CTRL + B to make the text bold

  • Select the text and press CMD/CTRL + I to italisize text

  • Select text and press CMD/CTRL + U to underline the text

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