When you sign up for Vectorly, you can create multiple workspaces connected to your account. Each one has its own workspace settings. These settings are only visible if you're an admin.

Access workspace settings

To see your workspace management options, go to Workspace Setting at the navigation menu. 


Workspace Profile

On this page you can:

  • Change workspace name. Keep it simple so everyone in your team could understand it.
  • Change your workspace icon. Upload your own image. Ideal dimensions are 300px by 300px.
  • Delete workspace


Workspace members

Here you can add or remove members to your workspace. You will be charged per member. For more information on pricing and members go here.


Plans & Billing

Paid plans apply to workspaces and don't cover the whole account. So all the billing options are placed here. On this page you can:

  • Change plans
  • Add or remove payment methods
  • Manage billing contacts
  • View or download all invoices



Set up integrations to connect Vectorly with your task manager. When you connect workspace with integrations you’re allowing your team members to join these integrations. For more information on integrations go here.

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