You can work across multiple workspaces at once. Create new ones for yourself or join workspaces you're invited to by other members. 

Create workspace

When you first sign up for Vectorly, we automatically create initial workspace. To add an additional one, click on the name of your existing workspace at the top left of navigation bar and select Create new workspace from the dropdown menu.

  • You'll see a list of workspaces you're in right now.
  • Under that list, click the button Create new workspace.
  • A modal window will appear. Write down a name for your workspace and if you want you send invites to people you know.


Join an existing workspace

If someone add you as a member, and you receive an email with a link to join. You'll be prompted to sign in with your email, and you'll be placed into the workspace.


Switch between workspaces

Just click on the name of your current workspace and select the one you want to jump to from the dropdown menu. Currently, you can only use the workspace switcher at the top left if you're using the same email address for each workspace.

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