You can upload any kind of file directly to a skill page for safe keeping — or to make it available for other members to download. Make attachments related to a skill accessible in just a click. Here's how uploaded files look on your skill page:

Create a file block

At any place on your skill page, create a file block to embed a file on your page like a PDF.

  • Click the  +  that appears to the left when you  when you click on a new line or existing block. Choose File and press enter. This will create a file block on your page giving you the Upload option.
  • Select the file you want and click Open.

Arrange files

  • Click on your file block and then click ••• at the top right. 
  • Use arrows to move files around your page. 

Download a file

  • Hover over your file and click Download Button
  • Choose where you want to save the file on your computer.

Delete files

  • Click on your file and then click ••• at the top right. 
  • Choose  ×  to Delete .

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