Add and play videos directly on your skill pages with embedded video players 🎥Anywhere on your Vectorly skill page, you can add a video from Youtube or Vimeo. 


Create a video block

  • Click the  +  that appears to the left when you click on a new line or existing block. Choose Embed Video.
  • In the block that appears on a skill page paste the video's share URL from the streaming service. Thats all. Extremely fast!


Arrange videos

  • Click on your video and then click ••• at the top right. 
  • Use arrows to move videos around your page. 


Play a video in full screen

If it's a YouTube Video embed, click the dashed square icon at the bottom right of the video.


Delete a video

  • Click on your image and click ••• at the top right. 
  • Choose  ×  to Delete .

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